Marketing Bootcamp 2016 Reviews

Marketing Bootcamp 2016

Where the business community came together to become better educated in promoting what they do and having the opportunity to connect with Marketing and Media representatives under one roof.

This was our inaugural year and was met with stellar reviews! 


“10 out of10!”

“It was great -Thanks!”

“Lovely Event! Everyone was helpful and pleasant”

"It was great to have so many company reps to talk to in one place. Really helped us to put this year's advertising plan together"

“Great Job! The Sessions were great!”

“Really Enjoyed, a lot of info, would love to do again”

“Great Speakers”

“10, Very Informative”

“Loved It!”

“Very informative workshops of helpful and relevant information and tips. Thank you!”

“I really enjoyed it!”


“Kathy and her team did an excellent job 10+”

“-helped focus our needs”

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