Beach Safety Improvement Project


Lower Township Seeks Public Support for Proposed Beach Drive Safety Improvements

Lower Township Council is reaching out to the business community regarding their opinions proposed Beach Drive safety improvements and asking them to have their thoughts heard through an e-mail poll.  

The project is designed to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety extending from Lincoln Drive to Fernwood Avenue along Beach Drive in North Cape May as well as make the sidewalks ADA compliant. The project will also improve drainage issues, repair current sidewalks and help limit sand migration onto the roadway.

Currently, that area of Beach Drive is not in compliance with the state Department of Transportation’s standards for motor vehicle and bike sharing, as well as drainage problems, and is not ADA compatible as there is a lack of appropriate handicap crosswalk access. Sand migration issues are also present, especially at the beginning at Lincoln Boulevard, which had reduced the width of the road.

The proposed Beach Drive safety project includes installing a six-foot wide sidewalk on the west side of Beach Drive with curbing, improve existing sidewalks on the east side. Drainage improvements on the west side of Beach Drive from Lincoln to Fernwood roads and outfall pipe replacement at Washington Boulevard from Beach Drive. Curb and handicap ramp improvements would be made on the east side of Beach Drive from Whittier to Emerson roads. Sand that must be removed to complete the project, will be relocated back onto existing dunes and any vegetation will be replanted.
The new roadway will be 32 feet wide including the existing parking lane, with the new west side sidewalk adding about six feet to that width. The net increase in width of the new roadway will be seven feet.

The project has been the subject of an environmental impact study. The project has been reviewed by the state Department of Environmental Protection and been issued approval. In additional, local law enforcement have voiced their support of the project because of severe safety concerns if the roadway remains as is.

The cost of the project has not been finalized, however Township Manager Jim Ridgway said that council did not want to raise taxes to pay for the project and would seek available grant funding. Ridgway will be presenting the public’s letters of support during a June Open Space review meeting.

The council would also like to hear from residents  and business owners through an email and letter writing campaign. You can email Township Manager Jim Ridgway at or write a letter and address it to:
Attn: Office of the Lower Township Manager
Lower Township Hall
2600 Bayshore Road
Villas, NJ 08251

To review the Beach Drive safety improvement project, please visit or visit the clerk’s office during regular business hours.



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